Roller Conveyor Shot Blasting Machines

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Roller Conveyor Shot Blasting Machine

The roller conveyor shot blasting machines are used for surface cleaning of Plates, NPI, NPU, bracket, profile etc products. This products are also known as rolley conveyor sandblasting machines.

Parts to be sandblasted are moved by roller conveyors located at the entrance and exit of the machine. Turbines are located on machine frame in an appropriate angle to sandblast part surface from bottom and top. Ability to quick sandblast the products in lengthwise, sandblasting semi-products and finished products moving on roller conveyors and presence of conveyor system are significant advantages. Conveyor speed can be adjusted for each loading depending on the part type and sandblasting surface by digital speed control feature.

Machines are projected and manufactured depending on the size, weight and daily number of parts to be sandblasted. Conveyor lengths can be customized. It can be manufactured to conform suspended conveyor system.

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