Marble Drying Machine

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Marble Drying Machine

The water remaining on marble surface during processing of marble damages the machine. Wet marble fed into the machine result in weakening in machine bunker and units due to corrosion, clogging in machine units when combined with dust from marble surface, corrosion of steel particles, sticking of marble dust on the walls and particles, etc. This may cause severe failures of machine in a short term. Furthermore, stain residue can be observed on marble surface after sandblasting. In order to minimize possible problems, dampness on marble surface must be removed.


Marble sandblasting machine with resistance and air jet is designed to remove dampness on marble surface. The system is installed at Marble Sandblasting machine input. The dampness on surfaces of marble parts placed on the conveyor belt with the assistance of adjustable speed roller conveyor is removed by air jets. Therefore, a great saving on time, workmanship and possible high cost failures is achieved.