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About us

Abir Sandblasting Machines
Many years, many domestic and international projects, dedication to serving the manufacturing and engineering phase, our professional staff, Abir machinery Inc. continues to serve as.
Abir Mak. Machinery Manufacturing Co, Ankara-performs boiler at a factory in industrial zone. All of our production machines design, project, manufacturing and installation with our own staff within our company are carried out. Upon completion of engineering calculations and the design of our machines is done in the computer environment is organised and sponsored in the manufacturing process after they are taken.
Abir Mak. Inc. except for standard sandblasting machines to customers by offering different solutions, for the purpose sanding machines to produce special, so customers, lower costs, better quality, we are ensuring more efficient results.
Abir A. Q. Machine pre-sales that showed the care and attention, production and after-sales service by showing in the production quality, on-time delivery, fast service, had established itself in a short time. The purpose of this policy the domestic and overseas market, production continues.